Why we Should Embrace Hygge

Koffee with Joe

Have you heard of “hygge” yet? It seems like every time I turn around, I see another book or an article about it! My innate curiosity lead me to doing some research about this Danish buzzword and what it really means. I ended up finding the concept of hygge so fascinating that I decided I would share it with you all today! Here’s the thing:The Danes are among the happiest on earth.Sure, this has to do with the many benefits of living in Denmark (lengthy parental leave and vacation, free health care and education, etc.), but it also has to do with a way of being. While many who are intrigued by the Danish tradition consider hygge to beabout candles, blankets, soft lighting, and good books, in the end, it’s really about being fully present: to place, to self, and to those you share life with

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