Does Time Heal All Wounds?

Does Caffeine Consumption Actually Improve Memory?Time Heals wounds
By Joe Gacheru
Time, the precious time of patience, 
just as time passed it began to become more subtle.
Suddenly it was scratch, and the pain entered the muscles. 
Suddenly, the it was a dull, stagnant pain, and but the throbbing was gone.

    For a while, it was light and dazed, so calm.
In the world’s busy with hurts, derailed,
I Just got lost in no my corner waiting for my freedom,

All free at last as time healed my wounds.

    Am I alive to breathe? Even so much hurt? Facing the pale face in the mirror, I asked and answered.

We all will experience emotional wounds in this life. Often, we are told, "Time heals all wounds." Is that true? Does the passage of time heal the wound, eliminate the pain, and restore us to where we were before the event?

Often, when something painful happens in our lives, most of us hope to forget that pain and subscribe to the adage that “time heals all wounds." To tell you the truth, I don't believe that time makes you forget things but I believe that time does make things easier. With time you begin to realize you aren't spending as much time stressing over each and every little detail of the pain you have endured. You begin to find that you are moving forward with life. You do not have to forget the past but simply know that things are different now. It's hard at times, sometimes you will feel numb, sometime you will cry very hard and sometimes the memories will come back but it gets easier and time moves on. This is true of many situations.

And my prayer for you is that,one day, your heartbreak, the pain you feel right now,will be a part of the past, that you’ll manage to overcome your emotional pain, that those difficult times will go away, and that the bad emotions won’t get the best of you. 

So allow yourself to grieve while you are in it, try, if you can, to trust that with time what hurts now will eventually become less painful. Trust that the reason it hurts is because it mattered and know that while you will likely never forget what happened you will be able to feel whole and okay again.

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