Coronavirus Worries Keeping You Up?

Koffee with Joe

70543C47-98F8-4542-91F1-E67B830D3D02It’s impossible to move about your day without mention of the novel coronavirus, which has spread to all 50 states throughout the United States, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest count. With over 240,000 confirmed cases and more developing every day, someone in your own community may be affected — and even those far away from affected individuals could be feeling the telltale signs of anxiety as offices, schools, and public events have all closed for the foreseeable future.

If you’re struggling with disrupted sleep due to anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone.

Following are my tips for ways people can sleep better as we try to adjust to the pandemic crisis.

Basic Tips

Exercise your body: Stretch exercises are very helpful to take your mind away. Here are some examples. 

While lying on your back, extend your shoulder out as is…

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