Depression: God Is Not Silent When We Suffer

In High School I struggled with anxiety and depression for  a number of years. One of my biggest obstacles to managing the illness was simply accepting the fact that I could not conquer, squelch or obliterate it. To make it go away forever. That was always my foremost desire.

The one this that helped me during years was my journey to deepen my relationship with Christ.  Every day was a struggle. Every morning I went to the Lord, and every morning I threw myself at His feet, begging Him to help me.

And every day, He did. In this journey I read the Bible and within the pages of the Bible, I found friends.

My friends from the Bible were Jeremiah, Elijah and David:

“O LORD, you have deceived me, and I was deceived” Jeremiah 20:7
“It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life” 1 Kings 19:4
“I say to God, my rock: ‘Why have you forgotten me?’” Psalm 42:9-10

This men had experienced some depression, darkness and even frustration with people and even with God. I have learnt that God isn’t angered by honest words – He deems them holy. The ultimate Friend we find in our pain is Jesus himself. He wept. And on the cross, He experienced separation from God in its fullness. Our Savior knows what it means to suffer.


The Bible says that Jesus “bore our griefs” on the cross (Isaiah 53:4 NAS). He feels our pain as strongly as we do and will carry it for us. Give your hurt to Him. Then resolve not to dwell on it again.

God has given Himself for our journey – our weaknesses – a grace sufficient for every part of life that feels like a thorn. If God said He will be with us … I think He means it. Depression, anxiety, or other similar challenges is not a sign of God’s absents, it’s just the toils of this life, but we have one greater in us than in the world, working toward our advantage, good things (pleasure).

Talk to God openly and honestly. Admit to God or the Supreme Being of your belief that you need help going forward. It’s not a weakness to admit that you’re feeling broken or don’t have the motivation to keep going. Your angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and soul family are forever at your side, waiting for you to ask for their help. They never abandoned you. These souls are helping you with gentle words of encouragement and bringing people into your life. You think it’s a coincidence that suddenly you’re meeting others who are depressed or that someone offers to help you.

Whether the depression, anxiety, or other challenges come and go, “Fight the good fight” by not giving up or giving in to any perspective contrary to what Christ has already fulfilled and given you … a full inheritance of life and a deep love from the Father that will never cast you away (John 6:37; 10:10; 16:27).

What do you think about “Fighting the good fight?” Let us know here

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