What do I do when I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom

Daily Musing 18: Sunflower Girl – Wandering Sunflower 🌻

The season 6 premiere of Return to Amish begins with Rosanna building up the courage to leave her family behind, but also shows her hesitation and fear at being shunned from them once she leaves. This is the first time in her life that she has ever stepped foot outside her community in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, USA.

The Pennsylvania resident, who has been chronicling her upbringing in the TLC series “Return to Amish,” revealed why she’s eager to leave the “strict” religious community she grew up in.

The reality show details how several Amish people find the courage to leave behind their homes and settle into new lives outside of their communities.

“I want to leave the Amish because really all we do is work and sleep, and we’re not allowed to really go out and have fun,” said Rosanna in a sneak peek of the show’s Season 6 premiere obtained by People magazine on Friday.

Return to Amish' star Rosanna explains why she's leaving her religious  community: 'Nothing will be the same' | Fox News

“We live in a strict and simple life to be closer to God,” added Rosanna.

The Amish way of living means distancing yourself from technological advances such as the television and the internet. Hence, Rosanna had to grow up away from the influence of modern-day utilities and gadgets. She had also been kept away from the media until her appearance in the show.

Although she feels empowered about her decision, Rosanna still has a lot to worry about. Her parents do not emotionally support her because of which she thinks that they might disown her. Nevertheless, along with an Amish friend named Maureen, she moved to Florida, where they now live under the supervision of Ada Byler, Maureen’s grandmother. She is also the cousin of former main cast member Rebecca Schmucker, who appears on all seasons of ‘Breaking Amish’ and 4 seasons of ‘Return to Amish.’

Rosanna’s story is too familiar to many of us who are making decisions to leave a life we are familiar to, for some of us that could mean leaving a relationship, for others that could mean losing a job, and for some it could mean leaving your country or familiar environment to venture to a far away country. We’ve all been there before, especially with dieting. Don’t despair. As far as dieting is concerned it is the best starting point. It’s a time to figure out what is most important and then go do it. No looking back. You’ve been at the darkest, now it’s time to leave all that behind. Sometimes, just Rosanna we have to allow ourselves to hit that rock bottom in order to find our way up.

 Many of the most successful people who hit rock bottom before reaching their personal greatness describe their rock bottom as being the biggest opportunity of their lives. An opportunity to start over. Few people get the chance to rebuild their lives in a design that they love and approve of. Those who have hit rock bottom in their academics, entrepreneurship, career, love life or sports ambitions get the chance to do this. As matter of fact, this seemingly unfortunate times can be the best thing to happen to you.

Here is why hitting rock bottom is beneficial for your future success:

Be self-compassionate

The only way we can learn to pick ourselves up is by loving ourselves. Use your downfall as an opportunity to nurture yourself with softness and care. Take baths, take strolls and explore the world. You will find that with time, you will have built the emotional capacity to uplift yourself no matter what the circumstance.

Realize your worth and your uniqueness.

I see these sparrows daily in front of my house and I love to hear their chirping. In the summer, we are surrounded beautiful birds that include sparrows and robins.

Not many will take a second glance at this bird though probably because they are not seen as exotic birds.

Sparrows are tiny, fragile bird with a bland color. They can be found all over the world. They look insignificant next to a red robin, toucan, or a colorful peacock.

Jesus who mentioned these sparrows, notices you as well. You are precious to Him.

You worth is not based on whether you are just a stay at home mom or a woman making 6 figures.

Your worth does not go high or low based on your relationship status, struggles, or race.

Create a Recovery Plan and Seek Professional Help

Striking your internal struggles head-on is not easy. But, once you accept this difficult task, it gets easier. It is now time for you to figure out what has happened in the past and create your plan of action. 

Ask suggestions and advice from family, friends, or even professional therapists or coaches. It is time for you to set both short and long-term goals and look for opportunities to better yourself. A plan is useless if you don’t take concrete steps on how to go about your recovery. Take baby steps towards a brighter future and don’t forget to celebrate your small wins. 

Make Peace With The Past

Accept ALL your past defeats and victories. Accept all your past mistakes or brilliant decisions. Accept that the moment you stepped out of a second, there’s no way to live it again, because it’s gone. The past doesn’t really exist, it’s a human invention, just like the future . Look around and accept that the only option you have is to live now. Or not at all.

Self Care and more Self Care

Rock bottom can be a lonely place and if you are not careful, it can lead to mental illness and suicide.

That’s why it is completely acceptable to treat yourself well during these times. Spoil yourself with an ice cream, watch a movie you’ve been dying to see, play a video game you love for an hour, indulge in a sport you’ve been meaning to try.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are doing the best you can.

Even though today might be crappy, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to participate in things that you enjoy doing or treating yourself.

12 Reasons Why Hitting Rock Bottom Is The Best Thing That Can Ever Happen  To You | Dailygreatness USA

Find Out What Went Wrong

And write it down somewhere visible. Keep it in front of your eyes. Day in and day out. If you really did something wrong, then make it painfully obvious. If somebody else did something wrong to you, remember it. In both cases, tell to yourself: “I won’t do this anymore”. This aggressive visualization will push you to something new. And maybe better.

A lot of times, we can get caught up in the big picture, not seeing that we can start changing our life by cultivating better habits or rituals. Each day when you wake up, do something that makes you feel unbelievably good, whether that be meditating for five or ten minutes, doing your favorite workout routine, or simply going outside to smell the flowers in your garden.

You will soon see that these small positive changes will bring about big differences in your life, and allow you to climb out of those trenches and shine brightly as the beautiful being that you are.

Affirm yourself, ” I own my life”

When you have a fearless, confident attitude about life, you become untouchable and unstoppable. You become a relentless and courageous machine that can tackle anything life throws at you in stride, and you won’t feel threatened or burdened by anything you might face. Life can only win if you let it, so don’t allow it to get the best of you. You totally own your life and can transform it into a beautiful masterpiece if you so choose, so make sure to adjust your attitude and follow up with the affirmation above to help bring about the life that you wish to see before you.

Give yourself a pat in the back

To motivate yourself towards achieving a goal, you must reward yourself when you reach your mini goals. If your goal is to stop drinking because that’s the reason you’ve hit rock bottom, you need to congratulate yourself after not drinking for a week. When you fall off the wagon, don’t berate yourself. Understand that slip-ups can happen. When they do, make sure to get right back on your track.

Recognizing and honoring resilience is one of the key factors in recovery. Resilience lives in the trauma wound and it can’t be fully recognized unless the suffering that caused the wound is embraced.

Never Give Up or Lose Faith

Each small habit change will take time and effort. It is a slow process. You will be tempted to give up. Don’t! Your old life will seem so much easier. That’s why you have to burn your bridges. You have to keep moving forward. You will be tempted to lose faith. Don’t do that either! Change is possible. Trust God to give you the strength you need.

So, when you find yourself at the bottom of a deep, dark pit, and feel like you can’t do this anymore – quit digging, and throw out the shovel. Only then can you start climbing up, and out, to freedom.

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