Peaceful within my own skin

It seems to me that the majority of folks are walking around with an undercurrent of anxiety and discomfort, and not even noticing it. Not only are we uncomfortable in our own skin, but our skin represents the possible site where we are terrified of being truly seen. It is, of course, dreadful to anticipate being perceived as fundamentally “un cool”.

self love

At the end of the day when there’s no mirror in front of you and you are wearing nothing but your old comfy PJs, it is when the rubber meets the road. Of course, there will always be stuff about ourselves that we would not list as our #1 favorite, but how do you feel as a whole? What about the stuff you cannot stop thinking about?

I am not the only one with this questions. Most of us carry around big, deep questions we rarely say aloud—though they often manifest themselves in our actions and attitudes. We may wrestle with questions of if we’re loved or whether we’re lovable. We may face questions of belonging, purpose, and identity.

When we feel comfortable in our own skin we feel that we are OK, that we can handle whatever might happen and that there is nothing to fear. There is inner contentment and faith in oneself. It’s about knowing where we want to be and moving towards this whilst being comfortable with where we are right now. It’s about enjoying the journey and being comfortable with what we don’t yet know. It’s about trusting that life will provide for us as and when we need.

For those who don’t know, I am black, with my origins from Kenya and now living in Canada. I have been judged because of my accent and color. But what I have not allowed for this negative energy to do is to take my joy. To tell you the truth I am very much at peace within my own skin than over a decade ago, comfortable with not being the best in everything I do, which was quite a burden to carry. I’m good enough, which is just fine with me, a gift that these last Many years of my life have given me. Becoming comfortable in your own skin requires acknowledging and coming to terms with areas where you’re gifted and those where you’re lacking and learning how to navigate life, relationships, and the workplace accordingly.#GoldenHearts

Why Getting Outside is a Natural Stress Reliever | Guideposts

The law of attraction states that we attract what we are. Focusing on the positive is bound to draw positive things your way.

Research shows that people with a lot of positive thoughts are less likely to be affected by depression.

And it makes sense.

When you look at every obstacle or situation as an opportunity instead of a problem, your entire outlook on life changes.

Try to go into new experiences with a positive state of mind and good intentions. When you exude positivity and good vibes, it’s extremely difficult for outside forces to penetrate your inner peace

I believe God wants to answer those first and foremost. He wants to whisper the breadth and depth of His love into the inner recesses of our being. God longs to remind us that we belong to Him and our identity is only truly discovered in Him. As we take these questions to God and seek answers through the Scripture, we find ourselves more grounded in Him and all we’re designed to become.

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