You Are A Unique Beautiful Soul

A Complete List of Affirmations for Soul Healing

“You are a unique, beautiful soul.” — Louise Hay

We’ve all been stuck in a rut before. Whether it’s because we’re lacking motivation, stressed out and tired, or bored of the same old routine day in and day out, getting stuck is an inevitable part of life. Sometimes we just fall off the bandwagon and begin to feel a little discontent with the way things are going.

Think about the most beautiful soul you know in your life.  What makes them such a beautiful soul?  Is it the alignment of their nose?  The symmetry of their mouth?  The aesthetics of their chin or their perfectly straight teeth?  We’re guessing it’s about much more than that…

The most beautiful soul in your life is probably a person who is compassionate, giving, warm, and honest.  And while they may have plenty of reasons to hate the world and the people in it, they don’t.  They, instead are filled with love.  And they radiate outwards with love touching all who they come into contact with.  And they always look lovely.

Your body, your mind, and your soul is unique. Isn’t it almost absurd to think that out of the 7 billion people on this Earth, no one has your body, mind, or soul? When you truly put this into perspective–the fact that you will never be anyone but who you are and no one can ever be you–it is quite humorous that a large part of society encourages us to act the same. It is beautiful and courageous to embrace your being and existence. It is beautiful for you to simply be you.

Beautiful souls are trusting of others. They want to understand others and life to the fullest. They believe trust is key, so believing others is a foundation of trust. If you break their trust, then you will lose a beautiful soul like the breeze in the wind.

Your soul is strong. Your soul is beautiful. Your soul has golden wings that can lift you out and over distress and despair. Your soul is complete, steady, connected to the Divine in ways your human self can barely even begin to comprehend. By trusting in the power of your soul and of yourself, you can cultivate peace, compassion, empathy, and hope. 

Your body, your soul and your mind belongs to you. Don’t give control of them to anyone or anything that wouldn’t see their worth and value.

I’m a big believer in taking care of your mind, body, and soul every single day, and my technique for getting out a slump is to focus on doing things that are going to improve those areas of your life. Once you give your mind, body, and soul the attention they deserve, you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and more content with your life.

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Here are some tips to be more confident with your “self” now:

  • Get active and do so consistently. Exercise and physical activity keep our bodies looking younger and last longer.
  • Watch what you put in your mouth. You know what you should be eating and drinking. No book, magazine, or expert needs to tell you that for the most part. Just keep it on the healthy side most of the time and only indulge in non-beneficial foods in moderation.
  • Know your body. Get very familiar with it and celebrate its shape and size, focus on what you like about your body and accentuate those features.
  • Be positive. The more you think badly about your body, the more your self-image becomes distorted. You get enough negativity from outside sources. Your first defense against external influence is your own positive self-image.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Look at your own abilities and set the bar for yourself from there. It’s okay to get ideas and inspiration from others, but jealousy and envy gets you nowhere. Don’t fall into the comparison trap!
  • Acknowledge your worth. You’re good enough. You’re smart enough. You ARE! You deserve to be happy and live your best life. Remind yourself of this fact regularly.
  • Know that you and only you are in charge of your life. The only person who has the authority to control your choices and decisions is you. Blaming others is unnecessary. You are your problem and your solution if you look hard enough.
  • Be grateful. Keep a gratitude journal to remind yourself of all the things you are grateful for. This is a great exercise to complete when worry, doubt, and fear creeps in.
  • Let it go. Life will always have its ups and downs and throw its curveballs. However, be flexible enough to be able to adapt, change, and go with the flow. And remember, forgiveness, of yourself and others, is your friend!

When you follow all of these tips, you’ll have a renewed mind, body, and soul. So get out of your comfort zone, live differently and your life will never be the same.

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