Do not let defeats crush you

6DCFF26C-F074-4D53-AFB6-DB4CC77A55BCSelf-knowledge is important for one central reason: because it offers us a route to greater happiness and fulfilment.

A lack of self-knowledge leaves you open to accident and mistaken ambitions. 

Armed with the right sort of self-knowledge, we have a greater chance of avoiding errors in our dealings with others and in the formulation of our life choices.

The older we grow, the more peaceful and grateful we become. Life humbles us gradually as we age. We realize how much nonsense we have wasted time on. And we begin to feel the peace that flows from our decision to rise above the petty drama and distractions that don’t really matter.

My friend I want you to know that you are worthy, that means that you’re still seeking some answers. Never forget, though, that everything you are looking for is inside of you already.

You are worthy, but that’s a hard truth to swallow when you make mistakes, don’t reach goals, get lost in comparison, and believe all the negative things you think. Human beings are built for progress, though, not perfection.

You have such a great gift to give to the world that no one else can give: yourself. That is the foundation for all other gifts you have to offer. Honoring that allows you to be free of small thinking because you’re curious about what’s on the other side.

Life is full of many defeats and it useful to remember that defeat is not permanent. We can always keep trying. To be defeated means that you have given up and have let bitterness rule your heart. Do not let your defeats crush you. Instead, pick yourself up, dust are yourself off, and try again.

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