Finding your purpose

FC25F3A2-DADE-4DAF-9809-471186F98E48Ikigai is what gets you up every morning and keeps you going.
Gai is the key to finding your purpose, or value in life. The best way to really encapsulate the overarching ideology of ikigai is by looking at the ikigai Venn diagram which displays the overlapping four main qualities:
Having a hobby, raising a family, or being able to work and make steps towards diving deep into that passion project you’ve always fantasized about, are all Ikigai.

Ikigai lies in the convergence of four primary elements:
• What you love (your passion)
• What the world needs (your mission)
• What you are good at (your vocation)
• What you can get paid for (your profession)
What is the one simple thing you could do or be today that would be an expression of your Ikigai? Find it and pursue it with all you have, anything less is not worth your limited time on planet earth!

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