Be like a monkey, Be Flexible

Monkeys adapt depending on their habitat. All monkeys can use their hands and feet and some use their tails too, so that they can grab a tree branch or pick up something as small as a peanut. What creates flexibility in your business? You may need strategic inventory buffers—or just-in-time fulfillment options so that you can respond quickly to varying demand. Staffing on key pieces of equipment may need to vary from the norm. Using lean and Six Sigma tools, you can diagnose and focus on creating flexibility where you need it most. In a factory or warehouse, cross-training may be far more valuable than one more piece of equipment that adds capacity but no extra flexibility. Monkeys copy humans and each other all the time flexibility means be like a monkey and adapt.

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Flexibility allows you to face challenges

By being flexible you have the ability to change yourself when needed. This is fundamental when it comes to facing challenges.

Say for example you are typing up a report for work and your computer stops working.

A flexible person will go the local library and finish it but a person who is not as flexible will simply stop.

Flexibility makes you more successful

If you are more flexible you have an advantage over the people around you. You adapt better to your surroundings, you face challenges more easily and most importantly you are more effective with changes.

Be willing to do extra work

When you’re in the workforce, there will be times when you’re asked to take on more work. Maybe your boss needs help with a special project or someone else in your department isn’t going to be able to meet a deadline. Think of these situations as opportunities to be the team player who helps make the winning play in the workplace.

Learn to balance your own needs with those of others

As you settle into your job and show your value and expertise, people will start to come to you for help. It will take flexibility on your part to balance these requests with your own duties. Of course, it would be easy to turn your back on these requests and simply focus on your own work, but then you wouldn’t be doing your part to help the team.

In life, we must be flexible in what we encounter everyday so that we retain harmony in the workplace. Being adaptable is almost equivalent to being universally liked. Someone who is flexible is universally trusted mainly because this person has the ability to deal with a variety of personalities of varied temperaments. This person shows the ability to think clearly in any type of situation.


Be flexible and willing to adapt; there are so many benefits.  Remember it is a fine line – not too much, but just enough to keep you balanced.

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