Putting your heart in everything you do

For life to be great, don’t we need to set goals and commit ourselves to fulfilling them? Our goals might pertain to our personal life– becoming a better spouse, parent, sibling, or self. Our goals could also pertain to our future, career, or health. All things considered, putting your heart and soul into things is a LOT OF WORK! So much of what we read, watch and view these days; is telling everyone to slow down, find balance, and get priorities straight. Yet, for careers to flourish and for families to be happy we seem to need to put our heart and soul into everything we do!

I believe that whatever it is you decide to do, you should do it with all your heart.

With passion we can create amazing things, offer true value, help others, be happy, productive and successful.

Without it, we have average results, aren’t focused on our current activity, lose motivation, aren’t confident and don’t really believe in what we do

According to Emberton, the secret to finding your passion is to create something new. He argues that people are instantly passionate about projects, businesses or services that they start from scratch.

“When you create something new, you’re inventing something to be passionate about,” he explains. “Whether you design novelty cushions, or write Batman stories, or start a Twitter account dedicated to fact-checking politicians.”

However, success is key to finding one’s true passion, he warns. “If your new Twitter account only has five followers after a year, you probably won’t be too passionate about it,” he says. “If you had 5m, you’d have quit your job. You must find success to fuel your passion.


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  1. Jugaaduwriter says:

    It’s true , but very few people are able to do it


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