Choose Not to Be The Victim

Victims stay victims because they don’t move beyond their victim mentality, they get stuck in it. Only you can define yourself as being stuck in a situation. If you don’t want to be cheated on, then you have to get up and leave. By choosing to stay and do nothing, you are making a choice to remain stuck. If you want to build a business, stop blaming your lack of time and start cancelling less important things to make room for building, learning and planning.

Stop being the victim and begin taking those incremental steps towards realizing your full potential and breaking free of those barriers that hold you back. By changing the belief that you have to be a martyr and by shattering your limiting beliefs, you can make it past any negative circumstance in your life and begin to make positive strides in the right direction.


The way to stop being a victim is to take responsibility for the part that you play in the scenario. By recognizing the behaviors that got you where you are, you are more likely not to put yourself in the same situation twice. Not being the victim involves recognizing how you got where you are and what benefit you are gaining from staying there. You then have to make a conscious decision to take action and move on from where you are rather than waiting for you’re your situation to change.

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