Seize the moment

Carpe Diem. These words stand in my kitchen wall. Everyday I look at them. Yes, Seize the Day. Every day brings it’s own experiences.. some I am so thankful for and others I wish I didn’t have to experience, yet still in their own way a benefit I ought to be thankful for, yet in my human weakness, I struggle to accept.

Today, I’m Seizing the Moment I have. A friend on FB posted a poster that said “if you take a breath then it means you are a live for a reason.” Life is given to us as a gift. God well marked the path to having life in abundance all of our days and, then, receiving the gift of uninterrupted bliss for all eternity with Him! The only condition for these gifts is that we must be lovingly obedient to God’s Ten Commandments and always love Him above all things and our neighbor as ourselves.

My friend, your life on earth is a precious time. Do not ignore its value; do not squander it in trivial pursuits; do not let it slip away and leave you unprepared. This very day you may wish to contemplate the question: What is your life, do you seize the moment you have in your hands?

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