When all you feel is gloom

The act of putting one foot in front of another literally propels us forward. Into the future is sometimes very hard.If you’re depressed because of what you are going through, it can be dangerous to evaluate anything in your life. Don’t scrutinize your circumstances or friendships or prospects for marriage. I can assure you that you will misinterpret reality.

When all you feel is gloom, it becomes very hard to have hope, no matter what you read in Scripture. As someone who labored under some depression and anxiety during high school years, I know that it usually doesn’t help a depressed person to say, “Just believe God’s word more!”Every battle. Every hard place. Every dark time. Every painful storm. All of this bring us deep into the pain we feel. Sometime with no paths to return back.


I’ve found that one of the most effective methods for increasing my hope begins with my spirit and my body. When I exercise or go for a walk or sit in the sunshine, my body and spirit feel better. Blood and oxygen pump through my body, refreshing and nurturing it. When I feel better, I think more clearly and see things more accurately.When I think more clearly, I can more easily process and embrace God’s promises.When I embrace God’s promises, my faith and hope surge.

In those moments, God allows to walk through deep struggle without allowing it to bring greater hope and purpose. Every mark of darkness is redeemed when we’re in Christ. Every crushing trial will be pushed back so we can live free. It’s what He does best. He brings beauty and strength, hope and goodness from every difficult journey and broken day.

If you are currently feeling gloom and darkness I want you to know that God will bring a wind of hope and faith in your life, and again you will feel surge to continue living.The world will turn for you again, and when it does, it will take you anywhere you want.

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