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The reality of letting go sometimes stings

Like the innocent of a child’s love we all gravitate to people that can easily hurt us Maybe it’s because we love them that they can hurt us so easily You can’t make anyone love you no matter how bad you want that love it’s gonna hurt The reality of letting go sometimes stings🖌

Your mistakes do not define you…

Socrates once boldly said that the unexamined life is not worth living. This is a profound notion, and one that speaks many truths to us today. Living an examined life is important; it’s what spurs on growth! We should be always reflecting on our goals, our priorities, our relationships and the way that we treat others. This kind of self-awareness is what helps us … Read More Your mistakes do not define you…


Life is made of many paths and depends of you which way you wanna take 💖💖💖💖


Some joys are🍂 better expressed in 🍃silence as a smile,🌿 because it holds 🌺more meaning than words. 🍂🍃🌺🌾🌿🍁🍂🍃🌺🌿🌾🍁🍂🍃🌺🌾🌿🍁  


Seeking happiness outside ourselves is like waiting for sunshine in a cave facing north. -Tibetan proverb 🌍🐾📸G.🧡  

Wake up smiling. Seize every moment…

Wake up smiling. Seize every moment…

Show you care

I’m not interested in whether you’ve stood with the great. I’m interested in whether you’ve sat with the broken

Just give it to God

No matter what your problem is don’t nurse it,don’t curse it,don’t rehearse it .Just give it to God and He will reverse it.He is the Great I AM.


When failure is our best gift

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All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time. – Mitch Albom,?The Five People You Meet In Heaven I remember the morning I went to Kirimara High School (Kenya) to check for the results?of ?my Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE). I was excited as I took a public bus to the school, I…


How to Live full Life With- Regrets

Originally posted on Koffee with Joe:
l am a Registered Nurse by profession. To maintain my Nursing license I have to renew it every year before December 01 of each year. As part of renewal includes completion of jurisprudence test. With my hectic I didn’t complete this test on time. By the time I completed the test submission deadline was done. This meant my…


Are you feeling stuck in life?

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Are you feeling stuck in life? Many people do. Sometimes it feels as if we simply cannot move on with life. As if there was something that keeping us from pursuing our dreams and hopes. AND THERE WE ARE, Stuck! We feel limited and simply do not know what to do. We have no idea how to break…

I felt a sense of ‘bigness outside myself’

Active faith includes speaking and doing. When Jesus cursed the fig tree, He spoke to it. He did not just believe that it would dry up from the roots and die. He believed and commanded it to dry up from the roots and die. He spoke His desired result. He then commanded His disciples to do the same thing, except that He gave them … Read More I felt a sense of ‘bigness outside myself’