“You are diabetic,” my doctor told me, reaching over to show me the lab results for the blood work done a few weeks before. I looked at him.

“We have tried exercise and dieting but it didn’t work,” he looked at me again, then sat to his chair. I waited and waited for the longest three minutes, “what does this mean?”  I could not wait any longer.

“It means we will put you on meds,” the verdict was strong and the reality sounded very harsh. I looked at him, “can we try exercise again?”

“My friend, your blood sugar levels are 17 , that means if we don’t anything right now it is just of time before you start to lose use of essential organs,” he said without hesitation. I was worried and I knew if I didn’t follow his advise I would have worse medical needs. I had seen my mum go to a diabetic induced coma, I had seen her develop diabetic ulcers, I had seen others in the health care system lose their limbs, I feared I was next.

“I tell you what, “ the doctor continued to talk, “we will try one more time.”  He ordered a Glucometer and asked that I check my blood sugars every for 3 weeks. That evening I went home discouraged. I put the Glucometer  to a corner, I felt labeled as diabetic, sick and judged for death. I hated the Glucometer and looking at it reminded me that my journey to die is coming closer.

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Then I read a post from a fcb friend who was encouraging others to join them on exercise challenge. The friend challenged others to set goal to lose at least 100 calories per day. I reluctantly agreed to join. I had tried to exercise before but it did not work, I feared agreeing to it would mean agreeing to fail. But because I had a verdict to either choose to be labeled as diabetic or do something about, I chose to do something.

I started with 100 calories on treadmill, then increased it to 200 calories. I am now at 300 calories. I have also started to be careful with what I eat. I have learned that I was not born to eat, I have to eat in moderation. I have lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks. I have come to enjoy exercising, it is no longer a drag but something for joy. I feel more energetic after exercise.

I can’t wait to see my doctor to thank him for giving me a second chance and I am always thankful to the fcb friend who has been a great motivator for me to keep on going. You are probably at a time in your life where you feel disappointments and fear of failure overwhelmingly coming towards you. I am sure you probably feel like giving up or running away, that is the easiest way for any hard situation. I felt like that too when the doctor told me I was diabetic, that night I could not sleep, I just imagined losing my limbs and I felt depressed. I also felt like I had lost the battle and I wanted to wait for whatever was going to happen to just happen.

Right now my story has changed for better and I cannot wait to see it evolve to even be a great and transforming story, I am more hopeful. This is my message for you too, whatever your situation it might be your story is not done yet. You still hold your pen to rewrite your story, you have the power to change the conversation.

And if there’s nothing left for you to hold on. Hold on to this, the journey you are going through is tough one, nothing to compare with and no one can completely understand your situation except you. It’s a battlefield. One you may or may not have signed up for. But the journey you are going through is worth it, don’t give up yet. Because somewhere, someday, you will use this journey to touch the life of someone. You may not know it, but God does. You may not be appreciated but you may unknowingly save a life.

Life comes around in a full circle. With every breaking, comes a new chance for healing and with every pain comes hope, where you feel defeated help is on the way and where you feel betrayed there’s that one person set up for you to give you a hand. And with every story, comes a testimony. So hold on, because the reason why life chose you was because it knew that you are going to be strong enough to fight the battle, do not let it go yet….you were born for great things.


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